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Relax at the hotel Alfa Soleil in Kandersteg



Gand Hotel Belvedere

A beautiful hotel at the foot of the majestic Blümlisalp

The imposing Grand Hotel Belvedere, built by the Loosli-Egger family at the beginning of the 20th century, in the midst of the heyday of the Belle Epoque and flourishing economy. With the outbreak of World War I, the "beautiful epoch" came to an abrupt end. Difficult times for a house of this size. The recovery before World War II was short-lived, the shortage of funds. These lean decades gnawed at the substance, the starting point for tourism changed dramatically and so this beautiful building was blown up in 1949 due to the risk of collapse and went down in history as the most beautiful hotel at the foot of the Blümlisalp.


The first generation: Philipp & Agnes Klara Schwitter-Schleiss

The children: Agnes, Monika, Barbara & Philipp Schwitter

After World War II Philipp Schwitter senior "lands" in Kandersteg. He knew the place because he had to repair a delousing machine as a soldier in the Grand Hotel Belvedere.

The former goat boy from Pfäfer St. Gallen, dreamed the dream of independence, which he had in one
former pigsty also implemented. With a lot of pioneering spirit, even more zeal and zest for action
he laid the foundation stone for the business existence of 3 generations. With the unselfish help of "his angel from the mountain", his wife, Agnes Klara from Engelberg, a lot of dedication arose over the next 35 years:


  • 1 garage operation

  • 1 gas station

  • 1 taxi service

  • 1 bus travel company

  • 1 discotheque

  • 1 motel - later it became a hotel


When Schwitter died in 2002, a number of Kandersteger said at his funeral: "Here someone goes
the last pioneers of Kandersteg ". Truly" cobbler stay with your lasts "was probably not" Grossatts "
Motto of life. Throughout his life he was driven by entrepreneurship. Not everything should last, not everything
be built on a solid foundation, but always ordered by the desire to lay a foundation for the existence of the
future generations of his family.


The second generation:

Agnes Klara & Peter Seiler-Schwitter

The children: Michèle & Nicolas Seiler

As early as 1976, the oldest Schwitter daughter, Agnes, returned to her parents' company and took the hotel on lease. In the same year the restaurant was opened and the motel continued as a full hotel after several renovations. Investments were continuously made in the former pension to meet the requirements of the tourist market.

Created with incredible commitment and a great willingness to take risks:


  • various extension buildings

  • The room capacity expanded to 32 rooms with a total of 64 beds

  • big improvements in comfort

  • the indoor pool with fitness room and sauna

  • the hotel bar and the high moon pub

  • a respected gastronomy

  • a staff house with a manager's apartment

  • The Hotel Alfa Soleil AG

The 2nd generation did incredible things: From tireless Philipp's simple motel they managed to transform the simple pension into a respectable 3 *** hotel with tireless efforts and always limited resources.

ab 2013

The third generation: Nicolas & Romy Seiler-Von Gunten

The children: Dario, Mia-Clara, Nea-Lina

This is us! In 2013 we took over the hotel business from Agnes & Peter.


Romy has been in the hotel business since 2001 and Nico since 2006.


As gastronomy specialists, we have successfully given the restoration a new face. The realignment as a pleasure & seminar hotel is also on our cap and we are convinced that we can continue to run the Hotel Alfa Soleil successfully.


We feel very attached to the tradition and the tremendous commitment of our "ancestors" and have great respect and gratitude for this extraordinary achievement. Last but not least, these were the decisive factors for taking over this company with all its facets.


We have the most beautiful and varied profession in the world! The hospitality and the tourist sensitivity were put in our cradle.


We are grateful to be able to take on this legacy and look forward to welcoming you to our unique and historic house soon in the UNESCO village!



We are renovated 

3* superior hotel

We were able to invest.


Coming soon

Seiler's vintage hotel

Autumn 2023

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